5 most underappreciated players in Tennessee Titans history

  • Delanie Walker was beyond valuable for the Titans
  • Billy Volek wasn't all that bad
  • Derrick Mason was the man

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No. 1 most underappreciated player in Titans history: Derrick Mason, WR

The Titans have no shortage of great running backs that have walked through their halls. Derrick Henry, Chris Johnson, Eddie George, and even DeMarco Murray also have shined under the spotlight. But how about wide receivers? You might have a bit of a hard time finding a true bonafide No. 1 in Tennessee lore.

This is partly due to the fact that the Titans have been historically a ground-and-pound kind of team, meaning that they have had coaches that emphasize ball control over lighting up the scoreboard. While this isn't inherently a bad strategy, it has prevented receivers to stand out in Tennessee. The exception is Derrick Mason, who is arguably the best receiver to ever suit up for the Titans.

Early in his NFL career, Mason was mostly relegated to special teams and backup duty. However, he got a break when Kevin Dyson tore his Achilles in 2000. That year, the former Michigan State Spartan hauled in 63 receptions for 895 yards with five touchdowns. But he was just getting started, as he went on to register eight 1,000-year seasons from 2001-2009.

While four of those seasons happened when he played for the Baltimore Ravens, his two Pro Bowl appearances took place in Tennessee.

All things considered, Mason must be one of the most underappreciated receivers not just in Titans' history but from the 2000s. Had he posted better numbers early in his NFL career and had bigger name recognition, he would likely have a shot at getting enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For the time being, he gets the top spot on this list.

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