5 Mid-tier wide receivers the Tennessee Titans should target in free agency

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5. Noah Brown

Brown just finished his sixth year in the NFL, but did not really jump onto the scene until the 2022 season. Looking at his recent progression, you could make the case that he is on the up and up and could gain much more recognition soon.

Brown "broke out" in 2022 with the Dallas Cowboys, posting 555 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 16 games, and nearly doubled that pace in 2023. In the most recent season with the Houston Texans, he had 567 receiving yards and two touchdowns in 10 games but was prevented from realizing a true jump due to various injuries throughout the year.

It is a shame, because the talent is clearly there, and Titans fans saw it in person when he had eight catches for 82 yards and a touchdown in Nashville. In terms of pure skillset, he is easily one of the better choices on this list for the team.

He has route running and contested catch abilities, and like Curtis Samuel, has speed and is capable of being a playmaker over the top. Brown is not on Samuel's level as a pure ball carrier but is bigger, and combining his size with his skills makes him at least an adequate option on the boundary.

His two biggest knocks, however, are that he has only recorded two years of legitimate production, as well as the injuries he suffered last season. His injury luck is certainly not the worst we have ever seen, but it is worth noting that he has only played a full season once in his career, which could give Ran Carthon and other general managers pause before signing him.

But with Brown's talent level and the fact that he would not have to be a top option in the Titans offense, he would be worth it as a lower-tier signing. And despite the flaws, a huge pro would be that he is starting to gain traction and if he continues to improve his production like recently, he could become a super lethal player on an absolute steal of a contract.

Not to mention, it is always fun to poach a player from a division rival, especially one that you saw go off against you firsthand. The high upside of signing Brown definitely outweighs the risks, and the Titans should absolutely look into doing so.