5 Mid-tier wide receivers the Tennessee Titans should target in free agency

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1. Curtis Samuel

When you look at free-agent wide receivers who fit the direction of the new-look Titans and are realistic options, it is hard to find someone better than Samuel. He will be on the very early side of 28 years old when the 2024 season starts and his skillset is perfect in what the team needs in their pass catchers.

He has a lot of speed and has very capable route-running skills on top of that. He can create separation with no problem and make explosive plays, and if there is one thing the Titans need, it is a wide receiver who can create separation.

Samuel is known just as much for his abilities with the ball in his hands, as he oftentimes gets yards after the catch, especially in short range. He also makes plays out of the backfield, whether that be on end-arounds or lined up as the running back.

He is a Swiss Army knife kind of player, as you have to respect the possibility of him stretching the field and his presence in the red zone. He may not be a true headliner in the NFL, but his versatility makes him a quality player on any team, and he is super exciting to watch.

Samuel had back-to-back 600+ receiving yard seasons in 2022 and 2023, and four touchdowns in each season, which reflects his status as a consistent third receiver on a team's depth chart. For some reason, he was only given seven carries in 2023 when he had 38 the year before, but you would think that Brian Callahan is smart enough to take advantage of that skillset, given the offensive mind he is known to be.

Samuel was limited to just five games with the Washington Commanders in 2021 with groin and hamstring injuries but played 33 of 34 games in 2022 and 2023. He proved in back-to-back seasons that there is no real injury concern with him, and has two full seasons ahead of him before he turns 30.

Giving Samuel a two or three-year contract would be a wise move for a team like the Titans, as they would get a fairly young and fresh guy at a position of critical need. Combining that with the attributes he brings to the table really makes him an attractive option if the team is going bargain bin hunting at the wide receiver position.