5 Mid-tier wide receivers the Tennessee Titans should target in free agency

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In what can be considered a laughably obvious statement heading into the 2024 NFL offseason, the Tennessee Titans will be looking for upgrades at wide receiver. Of course, the name everyone is obsessing over is Tee Higgins.

Not only would signing him bring him right next to home, but it would also reunite him with new Titans head coach Brian Callahan. Higgins has also admited that he would love to come to Tennessee, and in theory, it just seems like too perfect of a marriage not to happen.

But there is a big elephant in the room here, and it is that the Cincinnati Bengals are almost sure to franchise tag their star wideout. That news comes as no surprise and will keep Higgins off of the open market, and although the Titans still could get him, they are not in a position where trading for him would be ideal.

Given, their realistic plans should shift toward taking a receiver early in the draft, where they would hope they get a guy who becomes a real star. Even then, they probably would want some more talent at the position, given how little they had there in 2023.

Luckily for the Titans, the draft is deep with receiver talent, and free agency has plenty of guys who are quality number-three options in good offenses. It would not be as flashy or exciting, but executing that plan would be a success, and there are five guys they should specifically target for when the week of March 11-15 rolls around.