5 dream scenarios for the Tennessee Titans in 2023

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Titans dream scenario No. 1: The Titans make the playoffs as a wild card in 2023

Make no mistakes, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the team to beat in the AFC South next season. Sure, they were in the cellar of the league throughout most of the 2010s and they were more often than not an easy win on the Titans' schedule are recently as 2021. But that all changed last season when Tennessee got swapped by their division foes and knocked out of playoff contention in the finale.

From an objective perspective, it's hard to see the Titans dethroning Jacksonville as division leaders in 2023. Led by Trevor Lawrence and poised to have one of the best wide receiver corps in the league, the Jaguars have enough talent to take on conference powerhouses such as the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cincinnati Bengals, teams they're set to face next season.

Having said that, not everything is gloom and doom for the Titans in 2023. As noted in previous entries, their offense isn't perfect and they have to answer several questions in the next few months but they have just enough firepower to put points on the scoreboard. On defense, they have enough playmakers at every position group, with the exception maybe of linebacker. But even then, the defense should be able to make a few crucial stops and keep the Titans in close games.

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This is to say, that Tennessee might have a chance to post a winning record and perhaps earn a Wild-Card berth in the playoffs next season. It might be a tall order but not impossible and that should give Titans fans a reason for optimism in 2023.