5 dream scenarios for the Tennessee Titans in 2023

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Titans dream scenario No. 2: Ryan Tannehill has a bounce-back season in 2023bounce-back

Just like Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill played a pivotal role in the Titans reaching the AFC Championship in 2019. However, his play left a bit to be desired last year, which led to questions about his long-term suitability as Tennesse's starting quarterback. Even if Tannehill performs well next year, the Titans already started planning for the future, having selected Will Levis in Round 2 of this year's draft.

In fairness, Tannehill has never been viewed as an elite passer and has instead gotten the game-manager moniker. That's not a bad thing though. Ever since he replaced Marcus Mariota in the starting lineup, the 2013 first-round pick has kept mistakes at a minimum and has consistently put Tennessee in a position to win games.

Although wins aren't a quarterback stat, Tannehill racked up 30 wins and just 13 losses in his first three years with the Titans. Sure, he went 6-6 in 2022 but he dealt with injuries and had a subpar supporting cast.

With better weapons at his disposal and a revamped offensive line, it's easy to see Tannehill bouncing back next season. While flirting with the 5,000-yard/40-touchdown mark isn't realistic, he should have no trouble tallying something close to 4,000 passing yards and 20 to 25 touchdown passes.

If that ends up being his stat line, Levis can then remain on the sidelines while he works on his craft and gets acclimated to the NFL. The bottom line is that Tannehill playing well in 2023 can benefit everyone.