5 dream scenarios for the Tennessee Titans in 2023

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Titans dream scenario No. 3: Derrick Henry, Tyjae Spears form a 1-2 punch at RB

You have probably heard that all good things must come to an end and heading into the 2023 season, it feels like Derrick Henry's reign is closer to an end. King Henry showed last year that he's still got gas in the tank, toting the rock 349 times for 1,538 yards with 13 touchdowns. However, the Titans know that they can't perpetually rely on Henry, so they drafted Tyjae Spears earlier this year.

Spears is a dynamic rusher that can take on a featured role despite the fact that he's 5'1" and 201 pounds. While he needs to work on his route running and possibly add a bit of bulk in the upcoming months, he should be able to contribute to the Titans' offense right off the bat.

Even though there's still a chance Henry will end up being traded before the 2023 season, he's focused on being the best football player he can be. And if he's back as expected, he should once again have a big workload with Tennessee. The difference is that he will no longer have to carry the team on his shoulders due to the addition of Spear and that's a good thing.

Henry's workload could experience a dip but because he won't get as much playing time as he did in previous seasons, his effectiveness should increase. Conversely, the Titans' coaching staff might feel inclined to give Spears more carries if he delivers as expected.