5 bold predictions for the Tennessee Titans in the 2023 NFL draft

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Derrick Henry
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5. The Titans will try, and fail, to trade their big names

There is no way that Ran Carthon wants Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, and Kevin Byard on the roster in 2023.

I don't mean that to disparage any of those players because they have all been incredibly important to the Tennessee Titans' success over the last half-decade. What I mean is that Carthon is new and that he isn't emotionally attached to these players. Not only that, but he has job security and he is going to be able to make some big moves in 2024 thanks to the cap space the team will have available.

For him, these are players that are either out of their prime or getting dangerously close to being out of their prime. If he could ship them off for Day 2 picks I think he would because that would give him a chance to continue to add to the foundation of the team that he will be building over the next few years.

Trading those veterans would also provide fans with a clear picture of what to expect from this team in 2023. This roster needs a rebuild, not a reload but I'm not sure that everyone in the building agrees with that right now.

Ultimately, I expect there to be discussions with other teams about the price tags on all three veterans, but I don't think a deal gets done for any of the three even though we will hear that a few teams got close to a deal.

This feeds further into the prediction of purgatory because this is going to be a team that is too talented to lose every week, but not talented enough to be a clear playoff team.