5 bold predictions for the Tennessee Titans in the 2023 NFL draft

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4. Tennessee Titans spend a premium pick on a backup

Part of the reason why I feel so strongly about the last point is that I feel very confident about this.

Whether the Tennessee Titans add picks to this class or not, it feels inevitable that they are going to end up spending a Day 1 or Day 2 pick on a cornerback, EDGE, or running back, that will spend most of their season buried on the depth chart behind veterans and playing special teams.

When they make the pick, the analysis will be that there is no such thing as too much depth and that they really love the guy that they drafted. Meanwhile, Jamarco Jones, Trevon Wesco, or Nick Westbrook-Ikhine will end up starting for the Titans to open the season.

I'm not suggesting that the Titans make it a habit of reaching for a position of need, however, this team is desperate for wide receiver help. If they don't take a chance on one now, they are just putting their next quarterback in a more difficult situation whenever that player is added.

Passing on a position where you are that desperate for help to add a player who won't see the field outside of special teams until December, is aggravating but it shouldn't surprise anyone.