4 Tennessee Titans believed to be on the trade block by ESPN Insiders

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Malik Willis to any team willing to roll the dice

I thought it was interesting to see Dan Graziano say this about the Tennessee Titans quarterback situation,

"Indeed. I actually wonder if the Titans (assuming Tannehill is out this week) might use this last game before the deadline to showcase their young quarterbacks. I still think it's more likely they move Malik Willis than Tannehill, but that assumes someone wants to take a shot on the 2022 third-round pick."

Just the fact that his name is out there is interesting, and while I don't see a team making a deal or Willis it is certainly possible that a team with an older quarterback could take a flyer on him for a pick swap.

Teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders, and the New Orleans Saints might want a dozen weeks to evaluate whether Malik Willis has anything to offer them as a cheap backup.