4 Tennessee Titans believed to be on the trade block by ESPN Insiders

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Ryan Tannehill to the New York Jets

This one seems unlikely, but the two talk about how Tannehill looked like an option for the New York Jets until the ankle injury. Will Levis is going to get the start this week and Ryan Tannehill is walking without a boot right now, so it isn't impossible that a trade to the Jets (or to the Atlanta Falcons) still happens.

In a strange way, if the Tennessee Titans totally collapse on Sunday, it could turn out to be the best thing for them. If Will Levis can't get the offense working any better than Tannehill, it would make Tannehill look like a victim behind a bad offensive line instead of a guy who has fallen off.

After a year and a half of watching Desmond Ridder, Arthur Smith has to know that he isn't the answer. The Falcons are at the top of the NFC South right now and he needs a good season to keep his job, so he could view trading for Tannehill as a chance to help his odds of coaching another season in Atlanta.