4 dream scenarios for the Tennessee Titans entering the 2023 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans, 2023 NFL Draft
Tennessee Titans, 2023 NFL Draft / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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3. The Titans find a complementary running back on Day 3 of the draft

Nobody will deny how huge of an impact running back Derrick Henry has had for the Titans but how many years does he have left? The player known as King Henry has led the team to several wins since he became the de facto starter in 2018 but he's got lots of wear and tear, so it might be a good idea to start planning for the future.

While the Titans could trade Henry before or during the draft, an alternative is to bring in someone that can spell him and play on third downs, which is not his area of strength. The last time the 2020 NFL Offensive Player of the Year had to share the backfield was in the distant year of 2017, DeMarco Murray's last season in the league. It would be a good idea for the Titans to revisit the idea and have Henry split his workload.

Although going after Bijan Robinson at No. 11 would be puzzling when you take into account that Tennessee has plenty of needs, Ran Carthon should be able to find a quality running back prospect in Rounds 4 or 5.

This year's running back class is quite deep and prospects such as Roschon Johnson (Texas) and Tyjae Spears (Tulane) should be available in the fourth round.

It's true that the Titans don't hold a fourth-round selection after acquiring Julio Jones in 2021 but they could get on the phone with other clubs and either move up or trade a future pick for one this year to choose a complementary running back that has potential to become the starter down the road.