3 underrated Tennessee Titans players who could make a massive impact next season

They may not be household names yet, but here's who could make or break the Titans' 2024.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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2. WR Treylon Burks

It's rapidly approaching now-or-never time for Burks, the talented receiver and former 18th overall pick out of Arkansas. He's only played in 22 games over two seasons, and has never started in more than nine. Despite playing in more games last season, his numbers took a significant step back: he only had 16 catches (30 targets) and 221 yards, a season after going for 33 and 400+. With the addition of Ridley to a group that already includes DeAndre Hopkins, it's not like Burks' targets are going to go up next year, either.

Still, Burks will only be 24 when next season starts. Maybe Ridley frees him up to find another role, and going up against other team's CB3 helps him finally find his rhythm? It's a (maybe unreasonably) optimistic view of what he can do, but if the Titans can get their top three receivers firing on all cylinders, Callahan's offense is going to hum. The Titans won't go as Burks goes, but if they're one of the best offenses in football next year, don't be surprised to see a big part of that be Burks' long-awaited breakout season.