3 Underrated moves the Tennessee Titans made this offseason

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Ran Carthon, Tennessee Titans
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3. Hiring Chad Brinker, Anthony Robinson, and Sarah Bailey.

Obviously, this isn't a free agent signing or a draft pick, but I think the addition of these three is more important than any signing or pick the Titans made this offseason.

New Tennessee Titans GM Ran Carthon has been almost exclusively involved in the pro side of the business. Ask anyone in the NFL about him and they will say he is a great guy who is going to do a fantastic job. However, he isn't going to be able to spend the entire season evaluating and projecting the value of potential free agents as he could in the past and he is going to have to figure out what the title of GM means outside of the offseason.

That is why the addition of Chad Brinker is so smart. With the Green Bay Packers, Brinker was the salary cap guru and the Assistant Director of Pro Scouting. His expertise in free agent evaluation and contract design will take a lot of pressure off of Carthon.

Another issue with Carthon being so focused on the pro side of things, he just doesn't have the credentials of someone that you want running your draft.

Do you know who does have those credentials? Anthony Robinson who was the former Director of College Scouting for the Atlanta Falcons and who is now the Assistant GM in Tennessee. His draft classes (especially the first round) are fantastic, and he will get his chance to have a real say in what the team does from here on out.

Rounding out the key people in the Tennessee Titans front office is Sarah Bailey. Bailey is an analytics expert who is coming in from the L.A. Rams.

In L.A., she was tasked with researching and filtering data about anything involved with the product on the field. She took that data and helped the Rams' analytic department develop intelligent plans and ideas about everything from who they wanted on the field to what they wanted to call.

This trio of talented people should all be able to collaborate to give the Tennessee Titans a Voltron-like front office. As long as the group can build a consensus, it should mean fewer busts and more solid hits as the Titans try to quickly rebound from their terrible 2022 season and establish themselves as contenders again.