3 Underrated moves the Tennessee Titans made this offseason

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The Tennessee Titans are in the spotlight right now because they could potentially be the team that signs All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins, but there is a reason why this feels unfamiliar for Titans fans.

With the growing collection of decision-makers and collaborators in the Tennessee Titans front office, it seems like this is a team that is going to be built around hitting doubles instead of swinging for the fences in the early stages of the offseason.

That isn't a bad thing, in fact, those smart, under-the-radar moves really set the Tennessee Titans up to be in a position to take a small swing like this in June.

By patching up the rest of the roster in free agency, the Tennessee Titans left the 2023 NFL Draft with only one massive red flag. Stop me if you have heard this before, but the wide receiver position was far and away the worst position group on this roster.

That might still be a fatal flaw for this team if they don't find a way to address it before the season starts, but if they do manage to sign DeAndre Hopkins then the Titans will have lucked into a fantastic offseason.

Looking back, these are my three favorite under-the-radar moves that the Tennessee Titans made this offseason.