3 Tennessee Titans head coaches to consider and 2 to avoid

Here's who could replace Vrabel in Nashville.
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2 Coaches They Should Avoid

1. Frank Smith -- Dolphins OC

Anytime you can hire a coach from one of the most prolific offenses in this era, it's always tempting. And Smith has garnered some attention for helping build what the Dolphins have going -- basically, one of, if not the fastest, most spread-out and motion-heavy offenses in football. There's certainly an appeal there, until you realize that he wasn't the one calling plays. (To his credit, he did have a big part in play design and overall offensive strategy.) Also, his history before coming to Miami isn't exactly full of offensive juggernauts. He'll get his chance to prove that he's head coach material, but the Titans can do better in this cycle.

2. Dan Quinn -- Cowboys DC

There's a little bit of 'been there, done that' to Quinn, who's been a head coach and defensive coordinator for decades now. He knows how to coach defenses, that's for sure -- he'd probably make the Titans' defense elite, and quickly. But it's just not a particularly inspired hire, even if you ignore how the Cowboys went out this season. For better or for worse, it seems like Tennessee is trying to bring in someone younger and more offensive-focused, neither of which apply to Quinn. Like Smith, he'll probably get a shot somewhere -- it just doesn't need to be in Nashville.


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