3 strengths and 2 weaknesses of Mike Vrabel heading into 2023

• The Titans have a keeper in HC Mike Vrabel

• What exactly makes him rise above his peers?

• What's his most glaring weakness?

Tennessee Titans, Mike Vrabel
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No. 2 Titans HC Mike Vrabel's biggest weakness

Titans Mike Vrabel's decision-making in game situations isn't always the best

Now, Vrabel isn't perfect and just like his peers, he has a few flaws. The good thing is that they're not critical. You won't hear about him making news for the wrong reasons. There aren't any anonymous sources blasting him from inside the building or he won't make headlines because of his personal life. He's pretty much scandal free and that's a trait any owner in need of a coach will want.

So what's one thing that has held Vrabel from being one of the top head coaches in the league? His decision-making in games is one. You have probably heard that the future favors the bold but there's a delicate line between taking a risk and being reckless for the sake of winning. And in that regard, Vrabel could benefit from a more conservative approach.

One of Vrabel's biggest duds in that regard came back against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7 of the 2018 season. Down 20-13, the Titans reached the end zone on a 1-yard touchdown pass Marcus Mariota threw to Luke Stocker. Even though they were trailing, Tennessee had taken control at that point of the game. Had they kicked the field goal and went into overtime, they would've probably won the game.

Instead, Vrabel chose to go broke and went for two, and fell flat. While there are times when getting two points makes sense, that wasn't one of those times, and Vrabel robbed the Titans of the chance of winning in overtime.

The silver lining is that those kinds of moments have been far and few between during the Vrabel era, and he hasn't made that kind of mistake with the playoffs on the line or on the big stage.