3 strengths and 2 weaknesses of Mike Vrabel heading into 2023

• The Titans have a keeper in HC Mike Vrabel

• What exactly makes him rise above his peers?

• What's his most glaring weakness?

Tennessee Titans, Mike Vrabel
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No. 1: Titans HC Mike Vrabel biggest strength

Titans HC Mike Vrabel knows how to connect with his players

Clubs with a head coach vacancy often look for an offensive mastermind, someone that can outsmart defense and put points on the scoreboard at will. This is why it's not surprising to see teams go after the hottest offensive coordinator. However, coaching in the NFL is more than just Xs or Os or putting together a star-filled roster.

If you want to have sustained success in the pros, you need a coach that can adjust and adapt to his players rather than one with an edge-cutting system. See, NFL teams are full of all kinds of personalities and it's up to the head coach to calibrate their approach to every single one of them. Some players can take on hard coaching, while there need more of a mentor to grasp their assignment. Vrabel is wear both hats.

Vrabel is great at striking balance. He knows what buttons he needs to press to get the most of his players and how to get his point across without looking down on any of them. After all, players are people and Vrabel knows that without them, he can't do his job. This is why you could go into the Titans locker room right now, and you'll be hard-press to find someone who has anything bad to say about their head coach.

If you watched Quarterback on Netflix, you might have seen that Patrick Mahomes spoke highly of the Vrabel. And if you get praise from the best player in the league, you know you're doing something right.