3 mistakes the Tennessee Titans have to avoid in replacing Nicholas Petit-Frere

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3. Expecting Aaron Brewer to be able to play guard

One idea that has gotten some traction is the idea of Daniel Brunskill moving to right tackle to start the season.

When you watch Brunskill in the past, he might not be a Pro Bowler at any position, but one of his biggest strengths is being able to seamlessly move all over the offensive line. I have no doubt that he could actually have a decent stretch as the right tackle if that is what the Tennessee Titans wanted to do.

The problem is what would have to happen next.

If the Tennessee Titans wanted to sign someone like Trai Turner to take over the right guard job for a few weeks, that wouldn't be the worst idea. However, the much more likely option is that the Titans would try to move Aaron Brewer over to right guard.

I would love for the Titans to give Corey Levin a chance to win the center job based on the fact that his strong performance to finish last season was better than any stretch that Aaron Brewer had all season. However, Brewer has already proven that he has one spot where he might have sustained success in the NFL, and that is at center where his size issues are hidden as much as possible.

After all of the changes the Tennessee Titans' offensive line would clearly have a weak point, it would just be right guard instead of right tackle. If there isn't a clear improvement in the offensive line then don't shuffle it around.