3 Free agents the Tennessee Titans should sign before Monday

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C.J. Uzomah, TE

Every NFL roster needs a "glue" tight end, someone who can do the dirty work as an inline tight end and play special teams, and Uzomah is that kind of tight end. Not only does Uzomah fit that role, but Brian Callahan knows he fits that role since the two spent years together in Cincinnati.

I'm still very high on Chig Okonkwo turning into a weapon in the passing game, but for him to do that, the Tennessee Titans need to make sure that he is free to move around and line up in positions where he can create mismatches instead of lining up on the end of the line of scrimmage.

Josh Whyle is capable of becoming a good inline tight end, but he has enough versatility to do a little bit of everything if he is given the chance. That is where someone like Uzomah can come in and be the unsung hero that gives Whyle that chance. If Whyle can't evolve into a weapon, then he might need to model his game after Uzomah at some point soon.

With Okonkwo as the receiving threat, second-year tight end Josh Whyle as the versatile tight end, and Uzomah as the glue guy, the Tennessee Titans will have a well-rounded group of tight ends for the first time in years.