3 free-agent moves from AFC South rivals that Titans fans can laugh at

Good luck with these moves!
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Tennessee Titans have been aggressive this offseason and are trying to build the best possible team to surround Will Levis as he enters a crucial second year in the NFL. Most people are picking the Titans to finish last in the AFC South, which took a big leap in 2023 with three teams finishing above .500. The Titans were the only team to have a losing record in the division.

That being said, just because the other three teams have seemingly "figured it out" doesn't mean that they haven't made moves worth laughing at. Here are three offseason moves made by AFC South teams that had Titans fans chuckling.

Jaguars signing Gabe Davis and losing Calvin Ridley

A lot of people had the Jaguars pegged as the next big thing a year ago when they won the AFC South in Trevor Lawrence's second season and won a playoff game. In Lawrence's third year, the team fizzled out and didn't make the playoffs. Now they're desperate to win while their signal-caller is still on his rookie deal.

That led them to overpay for former Bills receiver Gabe Davis rather than try to keep Calvin Ridley in Jacksonville. The Titans stole Ridley away from Jacksonville, which makes this move even funnier. The Jags appeared to try to still be working on bringing Ridley back but obviously failed to do so and if Davis is their plan for a WR1, they're going to be in for a rude awakening.

Jaguars spending a ton of money on Arik Armstead

Let's stick with the Jags here for the next entry. They'd been relatively quiet in free agency but the outside names they signed were questionable at best. Arik Armstead was someone the Jaguars brought in defensively and if this were a few years ago, Titans fans might applaud them for the move.

Armstead, however, suffered a fractured ankle in 2022 and is entering his age-31 season and those recent injuries could be risky for them. Titans fans are hoping that the three-year, $45 million deal ends up backfiring on their divisional foes.

Colts not bringing in outside talent

The Colts have had a bit of a conservative approach in free agency despite entering free agency with plenty of cap space. They ended up spending most of that money on players they already had and not bringing in much outside talent.

Maybe this ends up working out for them but it feels odd not to spend money on outside talent when they didn't make the playoffs a season ago.