3 best tackle options for the Titans in the 2024

It's by far their biggest need this year. Here's who they could go after.
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Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

2023 stats: 12 games, 700 snaps, 0 sacks, 90.9 PFF grade

If someone goes rogue and takes Alt earlier than expected, it'd be interesting to see if the Titans suddenly became willing to trade down. Fuaga's still predicted to go in the first round, but more towards the middle; it'd be awfully tempting to see if you could pick up some more picks while staying ahead of the inevitable run somewhere later in the round. And while his average draft position (PFF) peaked around 10 back in February, as of this week it's sitting at 13. All they need is one crazy (/desperate) team.

What stands out immediately when you take a look at Fuaga's stats is the fact that he hasn't given up a sack in three years. He over 1500 snaps in that stretch and only allowed five QB hits. He graded out slightly better as a run blocker than a pass blocker, but both numbers were terrific. There seems to be some questions about whether he's a tackle or guard at the NFL level, but it's not like the Titans can be picky.