3 best tackle options for the Titans in the 2024

It's by far their biggest need this year. Here's who they could go after.
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Draft week's officially here. In just a few short days, all the months of mock drafts and projected trades and 30-second tape clips on Twitter will come to an end, and the Draft will entertain NFL fans for one of the three days it's on TV.

The Titans, who have the 7th pick in this year's draft, aren't much of a mystery. Anyone who watched a single half of Tennessee football last season knew that they had to get some new offensive linemen, and that was before they went and hired Brian Callahan. (Although in the good nepotism news department: Bill Callahan, his dad, just so happens to be one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL.)

Just about every mock draft out there has Tennessee doing the same thing: taking a tackle. Realistically, they'll have an opportunity to make it really easy on themselves and take the best offensive tackle in this year's draft. But if things get weird, as NFL Drafts tend to do, these are some of the other options the Titans could look at this weekend.