2 Tennessee Titans attempting to break streaks that have lasted decades

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Over the last 20 years, the Tennessee Titans have been a franchise that hasn't had very much to brag about when it comes to individual performances.

With the obvious exceptions of running backs and punters, when the Tennessee Titans have been good at something, that is usually attributed to being a group effort instead of a star player having a string of dominating performances.

There have been a few bright spots in this season whose production will probably get forgotten about when we look at just how horribly this season went.

Guys like Will Levis, Ryan Stonehouse, Amani Hooker, Tyjae Spears, Roger McCreary, and Nick Folk won't get the credit they deserve, but two players are having seasons so strong that they could still end up in the Tennessee Titans history books.

Two players making Tennessee Titans football watchable

Since the day that Denico Autry signed with the Tennessee Titans, I have been a fan of the move. It didn't take long for him to convince everyone else that he was going to be a home run and he has been the Titans' most productive defensive player since he was signed in 2021.

It is shocking, but despite his age and the hopeless situation that the Titans find themselves in, Autry is having a career season. He is currently on pace for 13 sacks, and that isn't something that happens for this franchise every day.

In fact, the Tennessee Titans haven't had a pass rusher with 13+ sacks since Jevon Kearse had 14.5 sacks...24 years ago! To put into context how long 24 years is, Peter Skoronski wasn't even born the last time that the Titans had a player put up stats like that.

Every Titans fan should be hoping for Denico Autry to get a new deal with the team after this season because he makes everyone around him so much better. However, when you think about the roster overhaul that the team is going to go through this offseason, there is a good chance that this will be the last season for Autry in a Titans jersey.

The second streak involves a player who will almost certainly be back next season unless he decides that he isn't interested in another year in Nashville. DeAndre Hopkins is currently on pace for 1,100 receiving yards this season, which is more than any Titan has had in 19 years.

In the last 19 years, the two players who have gotten closest to hitting 1,100 yards were Delanie Walker in 2015 with 1,088 yards and Kendall Wright in 2013 with 1,079 yards.

On one hand, that is great for Hopkins and if he gets there it would be his most productive season since 2020. However, it is also a stark reminder of how little the Tennessee Titans have invested in developing their passing game (especially under Mike Vrabel) and it should aggravate fans.

It is decades-long streaks like this that should drive Titans fans to hope for the team to lose all of their remaining games so that the Tennessee Titans have a shot at Marvin Harrison Jr. (also so that there is a real possibility of a coaching change).

However, draft season will be here soon enough and we can have those discussions then. Until then, Denico Autry beating Father Time and continuing to stand out as a pass rusher and the Will Levis/DeAndre Hopkins connection continue to be worth watching for Tennessee Titans fans