The 10 biggest what-ifs in Titans history

• Maybe Vince Young should have redshirt as a rookie

• Could Billy Volek have been a franchise QB?

• Imagine the Titans locking up the sheriff...

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No. 4 biggest "What-If" in Titans history: Drafting any other player than Isaiah Wilson in 2020

The draft is an inexact science despite the fact that teams spend months evaluating prospects. And given the 50 percent success rate in the first round, there's a strong chance clubs will come out with an unremarkable player. That said, there are busts that stand out not because of their lack of impact but because they go out of the way to fail. Take offensive lineman Isaiah Wilson for example.

A first-round pick in the 2020 draft, Wilson appeared on just three total snaps as a rookie. That's not necessarily surprising though. Some players take longer than others to hit their stride and maybe Wilson needed time to make the adjustment to the NFL, right? Not really.

Wilson was a promising talent coming out of Georgia, having earned Second-Team All-Pro Honors in 2019. However, he didn't seem to have the maturity to deal with the challenges of playing in the NFL. He was suspended in the 2020 season for violations of team rules and was later placed on the reserve(/non-football illness list. The former Bulldog was traded to the Miami Dolphins in March 2021. However, he couldn't make the most of his second chance and was waived after arriving late for a physical test and missing two practices altogether.

Wilson was then claimed by the New York Giants and spent the 2021 season in their practice squad but was given the boot the following offseason. He hasn't latched onto a team since then and recently made the news because he earned yet another suspension.

No team has a perfect track record in the draft but the Titans certainly dropped the ball with Wilson. They could have basically taken any other player in 2020 and his chances of succeeding would have been higher than Wilson's.