The 10 biggest what-ifs in Titans history

• Maybe Vince Young should have redshirt as a rookie

• Could Billy Volek have been a franchise QB?

• Imagine the Titans locking up the sheriff...

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No. 8 biggest "What If" in Titans history: Vince Young redshirting his rookie season

The NFL Draft, especially the early rounds generates lots of excitement and it's easy to see why. One good class can propel a team into contention, which is why clubs invest so much time and resources into evaluating prospects.

Back in 2006, there were three players that were seen as "can't miss" and the Titans at No. 3 had a chance to pick one of them. The players in question were Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Reggie Bush. The Texans, who held the top pick, were expected to take one of them but they threw a curveball at everyone and selected defensive end Mario Williams instead.

The New Orleans Saints wasted no time and went with Bush. That left Tennessee to choose between Young or Leinart. They went with the former and the latter fell to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 10.

Young was expected to become the face of the franchise, so nobody batted an eye when he was behind center on Day 1. He went on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2006 but he wasn't nearly as successful the following season and he was benched in favor of veteran Kerry Collins by Year 3. Things didn't get better for Young the rest of the way and was out of the league by 2012.

In retrospect, it's fair to wonder if sitting his rookie year while Young learned the nuances of the position could have helped him. Having Norm Chow as his offensive coordinator didn't help his development either but the former Texas Longhorn would have most definitely benefitted from veteran mentorship.

In retrospect, Young certainly had the talent and tools to develop into a franchise quarterback but he might've stepped into the football field too soon.