The 10 biggest what-ifs in Titans history

• Maybe Vince Young should have redshirt as a rookie

• Could Billy Volek have been a franchise QB?

• Imagine the Titans locking up the sheriff...

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All teams NFL have experienced "bad luck" at one point or another. Maybe they were on the wrong end of a bad call or they drafted a "can't miss" prospect that went on to become a bust. The Tennessee Titans haven't been impervious to these kinds of moments that leave everyone wondering, "What if things have played out differently?"

Just like any other club in the league, the Titans have had their fair share of What-Ifs and here are the biggest 10 in franchise history.

No. 10 biggest "What If" in Titans history: Beating the Ravens in the 2008 playoffs

Jeff Fisher is the prime example that longevity doesn't equal quality because even though he coached for 22 years in the NFL, he only mustered 10 wins or more in a season six times in his career. Having said that, Fisher knew how to coach defenses and he put together a juggernaut in 2008.

That season, the Titans started 10-1 and lost only two more games the rest of the way. Having clinched the first seed in the AFC, they looked poised to make a deep playoff run. However, they lost 13-10 to the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round because the defense came through but the offense couldn't do its job.

No disrespect to quarterback Kerry Collins but don't expect to win many games when you go 4-14 in third downs and throw one interception against a playoff team that can also play defense. 2008 ended up being Fisher's last winning season in the NFL.

Tennessee went 8-8 the following year and he was let go after the 2010 season. Had they beaten the Ravens in 2008, Fisher's legacy might've played out differently and maybe he would have remained in place in 2011 and beyond.