Tennessee Titans build in the trenches in 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports /
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The 2023 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away and the Tennessee Titans only have six picks to use.

Even without a ton of picks, they can address the team’s biggest issue, the offensive line.

The Tennessee Titans have multiple spots to fill on the offensive line, but they don’t all have to be solved in the first round. Thankfully, the way football is nowadays, a team can pick up a good center and good guard in the later rounds of a draft.

Of course, there could be a trade up or down which would affect the number of picks for the Tennessee Titans.

Even if Tennessee stands pat, they can add enough quality to improve certain positions immediately and make the offensive line good for many years to come. So because NFL teams don’t put a premium on certain offensive line positions, this could allow the Titans to have a very productive draft.

Tennessee Titans
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Titans mock draft: Tennessee rebuilds its offensive line

To create this mock draft, I used Pro Football Network’s mock simulator. I like using this simulator as it offers trades that aren’t…insane.

While I was offered trades, I chose not to take any. Ideally, Tennessee would find a trade partner or two and end up with around eight picks, but in the simulator, I assumed they didn’t trade.

I also don’t think that the player I was able to choose at pick 41 will actually be around then, but he was in the simulator and there’s no logical way to pass on him. Otherwise, I was able to get players who will help with the pass rush and help Derrick Henry pick up yards. You can yell at me later on Twitter if you hate the draft.