Tennessee Titans trade that makes too much sense to happen

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Why that works for the Tennessee Titans

That works for the Tennessee Titans more than fans might expect. The first thing that stands out in this trade is that the Titans get to jump in front of the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles who could also be looking for offensive line help.

If the team loves Paris Johnson Jr. or Peter Skoronski, then this is a way to go up and get that. It also gives the Tennessee Titans more leverage to trade up to the 3rd overall pick if they want a quarterback that falls there (more on that later).

It also opens up $24 million in cap space in 2023 and $15 million in 2024 which could be used in free agency, for another trade, or to lock up guys like Teair Tart and Kristian Fulton at reasonable prices.

In terms of the draft, let’s play this out and see how it goes.

Using the PFN and PFF mock draft simulators, here are the classes I came away with to show what this trade could yield for the Tennessee Titans. (Also, no trades other than the player trade I mentioned to start because you can run circles around the trades in these simulators).

PFN Mock Draft

1.8: Paris Johnson OT, Ohio State

2.41: Darnell Washington TE, Georgia

3.72: Jonathan Mingo WR, Ole Miss

3.75: Tyler Scott WR, Cincinnati

(2024 3rd round pick)

PFF Mock Draft

1.8: Peter Skoronski OT/OG, Northwestern

2.41: Jalin Hyatt WR, Tennessee

3.72: Tucker Kraft TE, South Dakota State

3.75: Rashee Rice WR, SMU

(2024 3rd round pick)

Without picking any repeat players in either draft, this trade gives the Tennessee Titans a chance to check off for need:

1. A blue-chip offensive lineman

2. A “Z” receiver that works well opposite Treylon Burks

3. A tight end who complements Chig Okonkwo perfectly

4. A speed receiver that can work in the slot and threaten defenses vertically

The Titans would also walk into the 2024 NFL Draft with 4 top-100 picks thanks to the trade for the future third-round pick.