5 receiving options for Tennessee Titans that aren’t free agents

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

Free agency is (unofficially) well underway, and Tennessee Titans haven’t been exceptionally active.

By some counts, more than half of the top 50 free agents have already agreed to deals with other teams, and that doesn’t include Andre Dillard who is the Tennessee Titans’ lone signing to this point.

I’m not saying that to knock the team or the approach, but some fans have gotten a little bit nervous about what the team is doing. The good news for those fans is that free agency is a months-long process that is just getting started.

We are in the first wave of free agency and while you can debate on whether or not it is a good idea to overpay good players, that is what is happening right now.

Something else that is happening right now is that teams are reevaluating their rosters based on their new additions. For example, the Houston Texans swapped late-round picks for Shaq Mason and this move led to them cutting their starting right guard A.J. Cann.

Without that trade, Cann probably doesn’t hit free agency showing that the moves in the first wave of free agency are displacing players that could still be starters in the league. Between that and a batch of names on the trade block, there are still plenty of ways that the Tennessee Titans can improve their roster.

One position that seems poised for some movement is wide receiver. Five names at that position stick out as interesting options for the Tennessee Titans and they fall into three groups.

5 potential receiver targets for the Tennessee Titans

Pro Bowler that can make life easier for a future rookie: DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals

Hopkins has been discussed here before, but he would be the perfect security blanket for a rookie quarterback at some point in the next two years. The trio of Hopkins, Treylon Burks, and Chig Okonkwo would give a rookie QB options and he is someone that has a good relationship with Mike Vrabel and Tim Kelly.

The problem is obviously that he isn’t going to be with the team for a decade given his age, and it will cost a top-100 pick to get him.

Physical boundary receivers: Corey Davis, New York Jets; Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos

The Jets and Broncos both seem to be ready to shuffle some things around in the wide receiver room, which opens up several options for a team looking for help at the position.

Corey Davis is someone that the staff is familiar with and even though I don’t think a reunion is likely, it has to be mentioned.

Courtland Sutton is someone who worked with Justin Outten in Denver last year, and he has an athletic profile that Ran Carthon covets. While I don’t think that he is a WR1, he can be a very good WR2.

Dynamic and versatile receivers: Elijah Moore, New York Jets; Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos

Elijah Moore seems chronically unhappy in New York and it is getting harder and harder to imagine him back with the Jets next season. Do you know what absolutely won’t help his mood? Playing for new Jets OC Todd Downing.

Jerry Jeudy is the player on this list with the best chance to be a WR1 in three years. He isn’t very similar to anyone that Ran Carthon or Mike Vrabel have had an interest in before, and he will cost more in draft capital than anyone else on this list.

Despite all of that, he would complement the current Tennessee Titans roster very well and he could be a big play threat for a team that preached getting faster and more explosive.