4 options to replace Ryan Tannehill as Titans quarterback in 2023

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Nfl Las Vegas Raiders At Tennessee Titans
Nfl Las Vegas Raiders At Tennessee Titans /

Tennessee Titans replacement for Ryan Tannehill No. 1: Derek Carr

Derek Carr has to end up somewhere, right? I almost feel bad for the guy. He gets his college friend back before the 2022 season and both seem happy. Then that friend, Davante Adams, implies the organization didn’t treat Carr very well but then Adams turns around and seems to root for the team to get Adams’ former NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Ouch. Sorry, Mr. Carr.

But Carr isn’t a bad quarterback, nor would he be overly costly. There is unlikely to be a bidding war for a soon-to-be 32-year-old quarterback whose last team let him go because they thought they could do better even though they didn’t have a better option readily available. So why would the Titans want to add him?

Well, first of all, Carr is a better quarterback than Tannehill. Tannehill has had the luxury of playing on Tennessee Titans teams that have good defenses and great running attacks. Carr has mostly played on teams that can decently run the ball but also have terrible defenses.

Las Vegas (or Oakland or whatever you want to call them during the time Carr has played there) has been poorly coached and with bad rosters and none of that is Carr’s fault.

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If Carr had been on the 2021 Tennesse Titans team, would they have gone further in the playoffs? Most likely, yes. Carr doesn’t turn the ball over much (his interception rate for his career per pass is 2 percent compared to Tannehill’s 2.4), is very accurate, and is a great leader in the locker room.

He is still all those things and would help Tennessee be a better team in 2023 than if the team keeps Tannehill.