4 options to replace Ryan Tannehill as Titans quarterback in 2023

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Can the Tennessee Titans upgrade at QB?

The Tennessee Titans have a huge decision to make when it comes to what to do with their quarterback position moving forward.

For the last four seasons, Ryan Tannehill has mostly helmed the position. But Tannehill seems to have a ceiling just low enough to not get Tennessee deep into the playoffs. For the betterment of the future of the franchise, Tannehill should probably be replaced sooner than later.

Tannehill isn’t an awful quarterback, but the Titans probably could do with an upgrade at QB. The 2021 season appeared to prove the overall team was good enough to win at a high level, but obviously, the most important position on a football team is the quarterback and Tannehill seems to hold Tennessee back. After securing the number 1 seed in the AFC in 2021, Tannehill threw 3 interceptions in a 19-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Tennessee’s first playoff game.

Tannehill is good enough to get the team successfully through the regular season only to disappoint in the postseason. He needs to be replaced but how? Here are four options heading into 2023.

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Tennessee Titans replacement for Ryan Tannehill No.4: 2023 NFL draft

Tennessee currently has the 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. While the presumed top quarterbacks in the draft, C.J. Stroud of Ohio State and Bryce Young of Alabama, will almost definitely be gone, Tennessee might have a few good ones to still take. The top two options could be Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis.

Richardson is a lot like Malik Willis in his raw ability to throw and run. But also like Willis, Richardson might need some time to learn how to be an NFL quarterback. There is also no guarantee, just as there isn’t with Willis, that Richardson can transpose his college success into NFL success. Richardson needs to work on his accuracy and decision making and he is more of a 2024 starter than a 2023 one.

Levis might be chosen before pick 11 so depending on how much the Titans might want him, a trade would likely need to be in the works. The Seattle Seahawks currently have the number 5 overall pick and Seattle loves to trade down in drafts so a Tennessee-Seattle trade is an option. With the number 5 choice, the Titans could likely get Levis.

Levis makes some poor decisions on throws and needs to work on not telegraphing passes, but there is no question about his arm talent and quick release. He’s a lot more like Brett Favre than Lamar Jackson, but that is probably a good thing for a Tennessee offense that likes to run a bunch.