4 Tennessee Titans set to be grossly overpaid in 2023

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports /
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Tennessee Titans that need to have their salaries adjusted

The Tennessee Titans are in a really bad way when it comes to cap room in 2023.

Currently, before some players are released and the new cap number is truly taken into account, Tennessee is well under the salary cap and has the 29th-least cap space heading into next year.

Part of the problem with the cap is that Tennessee is overpaying several players who are either not worthy of being paid so much, compared to other players at their positions in the league, or who are not performing very well. Tennessee has to make cap room somewhere and that could come from releasing one of the players on the following list. Tough decisions will need to be made.

Tennessee finished 7-10 this season. Part of the reason for that is that the Titans battled injuries at key positions. The roster is still a decent one. But overpaying players has put Tennessee on the precipice of being mediocre for some time.

Titans receiver Robert Woods

Surely, Robert Woods will not be on the Tennessee Titans roster, at least not at his current cap number, when the 2023 season begins. Woods currently has a cap hit of $14.6 million next year and this is currently the 20th-most in the league. But is Woods a top-20 receiver? Not by any stretch of one’s imagination.

In fact, Woods’ 527 yards receiving this year ranked 77th in the NFL. His 69 catches ranked 69th but his targets were 53rd. Was Woods’ production likely hampered by not having an experienced or good quarterback for some of the season? Sure. But good receivers can overcome such things to a degree but Woods didn’t.

Woods will be 31 years old when next season begins. That isn’t ancient for an NFL receiver but Woods is also likely past his sell-by date. He might still be a decent receiver, and in the right system, he could put up OK numbers. But the Titans don’t have a system made for a mediocre receiver to have great numbers yet the Titans would have to pay Woods like he is good and he simply isn’t anymore. Tennessee could save $12 million by releasing Woods and it seems like a no-brainer to do so.