5 things to know about Tennessee Titans GM Ran Carthon

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Six weeks after the Tennessee Titans fired long-time GM Jon Robinson, they announced the hiring of Ran Carthon as the next GM.

Carthon was the Director of Player Personnel for the San Francisco 49ers and he brings 15 years of expereince with him.

Front office decisions are always a team effort, so you have to be careful attributing all successes or all failures to GM candidates. Having said that, I think we know enough about Ran Carthon’s responsibilities over the years to make some educated guesses about how he will fit with the Tennessee Titans.

These are the five things that we know about the Tennessee Titans new GM.

Tennessee Titans
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1. Good news for Ryan Tannehill’s chances with the Tennessee Titans

The San Francisco 49ers have gone to the NFC Championship Game twice with Jimmy Garoppolo and to the Super Bowl once with him. They are currently one of the four remaining teams in the NFC and could very well make it to another NFCCG game, but this time they are doing it with Brock Purdy who is famously the most recent “Mr. Irrelavent” rookie.

While that certainly doesn’t mean that Carthon won’t entertain the idea of trading up in this draft to grab a quarterback, it does mean that he will hold this team to a high standard.

At their best, Ryan Tannehill has been a better quarterback than Jimmy G and you don’t have to go back too far (2020 and occasionally in 2021 when they were even mildly healthy) to find evidence that he can thrive in the right system.

Right now, Carthon feels like a guy who is more concerned about building a great supporting cast (including coaches) instead of blaming a good quarterback for not being elite.