Who can the Tennessee Titans build around this offseason?

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Current Tennessee Titans roster evaluation

A quick tally shows that you should have:

-1 quarterback (developmental)

-1 running back (above average starter/Pro-Bowler)

-2 wide receivers (one young starter and one developmental/backup)

-1 tight end (young starter)

-4 offensive linemen (two above-average starters/Pro-Bowler starters, one young starter, and one developmental/backup)

-3 EDGEs (two above average/Pro-Bowlers, one developmental)

-2 defensive linemen (two above-average/Pro-Bowlers)

-1 linebackers (above average/Pro-Bowler)

-4 cornerbacks (three young starters, one developmental)

-2 safeties (above-average starters/Pro-Bowlers)

-1 punter (above-average/Pro-Bowler)

There is clearly work to be done, especially along the offensive line and at wide receiver, but it isn’t a hopeless situation at all. If the players not on this list are cut or traded, then it would also mean that the Titans would have $76 million before the deals to secure Nate Davis, David Long Jr., and Teair Tart.

With a lot of money and a full complement of picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, this team could get back up to speed quickly. Well…as long as they have someone competent calling plays on offense and as long as they aren’t one of the most injured teams in NFL history.

But that part shouldn’t be too hard, right?