3 things the Tennessee Titans need to change immediately

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Tennessee Titans
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3. Not another snap from Geoff Swaim

There isn’t a single reason why Swaim should see another snap with the Tennessee Titans. That may sound mean, but it is the truth.

In recent weeks the Tennessee Titans used Corey Levin as a blocking tight end/jumbo tackle and he did that job better than Geoff Swaim. With the number of passes that Swaim has dropped, there is also a pretty good chance that Levin can be as effective as Swaim as a receiver.

For every play that doesn’t need multiple inline tight ends, Levin can stay on the sideline and you can give more snaps to Austin Hooper and Chig Okonkwo.

Hooper has become an incredibly reliable target and chain mover for this offense while Chig Okonkwo is the most impressive rookie tight end in the NFL. I know that on paper it sounds great to put big tight ends on the offensive line and to run it right at the other team, but that isn’t the only way to get the job done.

If you are trying to open up the running game, it helps if you burn defenses on a few play action passes. All it takes is a few nice receptions to keep them honest and it allows you to get into a rhythm on offense. The difference is that a nice reception for Okonkwo goes 40 yards and one for Hooper is 20 yards, but a nice reception for Swaim goes 5 yards.

Adapt. The Tennessee Titans can’t keep running their head into a brick wall and then going up to the podium after a loss and saying that everyone should take some blame and that no one played well to win the game.

A good team says that and then wins the next week because they play with more conviction, but a great team says that, and then they adapt to help their players win more often. Right now the Tennessee Titans are just a good team.