3 things the Tennessee Titans need to change immediately

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2. Take nearly all power away from Todd Downing

It took a nearly unprecedented stroke of luck, but Mike Vrabel took some of Todd Downing’s power away during the offseason.

Tim Kelly was hired to be the “Passing Game Coordinator” while Todd Downing’s role was reduced to “OC/Running Game Coordinator.” Well, imagine my surprise when the Tennessee Titans’ passing game thrived while the running game turned into an absolute wasteland.

It is clear that Downing isn’t fit to be an OC, and despite having one of the most explosive passing games in the NFL he has the Tennessee Titans scoring a pitiful 18.3 points per game. A large part of that is because of his predictable play calling and the downs wasted running the ball into a brick wall.

Admittedly, the Tennessee Titans’ offensive line isn’t helping the situation, but that isn’t stopping the passing game from getting the job done.

People have argued that he is doing the best he can with what he has, but there is a very simple question that you can ask to tell whether he deserves his job. What does Todd Downing do that makes the Tennessee Titans better?


While he can’t be fired outright, this is a great time to get Tim Kelly on the field and let him have a more hands-on role in the offense. In fact, you should take the play-calling duties away from Todd Downing completely. The playbook can’t be changed, but having Kelly pick out the plays from a bad playbook is better than the alternative.