Tennessee Titans restructure Robert Woods contract

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: PackersNews)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: PackersNews) /

On Tuesday, the Tennessee Titans opened some cap space by restructuring Robert Woods’ contract.

The amended deal only opens up $2.6 million in space, and by all accounts, it is just a move to create some space to make more roster moves if necessary.

While that move isn’t a big deal, it did remind a lot of Tennessee Titans fans that the team is going to have a very interesting decision to make after this season.

Starting next year, Woods will be on a deal worth around $50 million over the next 3 years, but only about $5 million of that money is guaranteed. Based on what we have seen over the course of the season, what will the Tennessee Titans do with that contract?

Mental battle for the Tennessee Titans

If you have been to a Titans game this season, you know that Mike Vrabel loves Robert Woods. Every time he comes off the field, Vrabel is the first one there to greet him and there are several times this season when Woods has just been close to the sideline and Vrabel is patting him on the back or helping him up as soon as the whistle blows.

The HC clearly appreciates what Woods brings to the table as a leader and it is clear that he knows that life is different for Woods now that he is in an offense that refuses to pass too often whether it is working or not.

Woods is trending towards one of his least productive seasons in the NFL and it will be by a wide margin. That blame doesn’t fall on Woods, Ryan Tannehill, or even Derrick Henry, it is just what Vrabel wants this team to be which is probably why the HC wants Woods to feel appreciated.

That is all fine when you are making $7 million on a guaranteed contract, but what happens when cutting Woods could be the difference in keeping a young player like Nate Davis or David Long, or being forced to let them walk in free agency?

When push comes to shove, I think we will see the Titans do what they did with Zach Cunningham last year. The Titans were able to reduce his cap hit without giving him huge guaranteed money down the line, and if they can do that with Woods then it would help them keep someone that the front office, coaching staff, and players love without hindering the future of this team.