5 free agent wide receivers that make sense for the Tennessee Titans

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5. Odell Beckham/Will Fuller

I had to include both of these guys on the list because they just deserve to be mentioned again.

Beckham wouldn’t do anything to ease the loss of Racey McMath, but getting him on a two-year deal that keeps him on the roster in 2023 when he is fully healed, is a good idea.

Will Fuller is the NFL’s mystery man right now because it seems like no one has seen or heard from him in months. Could he sign with a team tomorrow? Sure, but you have to ask why he hasn’t been signed already.

If the Titans are confident that Fuller isn’t going to get suspended and if they are content with the idea of him potentially being one snap away from missing the season every time he steps on the field, then he is worth a roll of the dice if the price is right.

Obviously, it isn’t a good sign for either player’s chances with the team that they have been available since March and the Titans haven’t made a move, but with the season here beggars can’t be choosers and these guys have a ton of talent.