5 free agent wide receivers that make sense for the Tennessee Titans

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3. Preston Williams

Admittedly, Preston Williams doesn’t fully fulfill the ideal model of a Jon Robinson/Mike Vrabel receiver. On one hand, he has an elite frame and he isn’t afraid to put his hands on a defender and body him up as a blocker.

On the other hand, he has had a pretty abysmal catch rate (50.5%) and he has never played more than 8 games in a season.

It isn’t easy to find a Pro Bowl receiver just lying around at this time of year, so instead of pure talent and proven production, you have to make some assumptions about a player. The assumption is that Ryan Tannehill would do a better job getting him the ball than Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tua Tagovailoa.

Despite his size, the Tennessee Titans could use Preston Williams in the same way that they used A.J. Brown in the past. He can win on quick routes with his size and he is someone they could freely target on shot plays.

While he doesn’t have great YAC ability, he is a good player who deserves to be on an NFL team and the Tennessee Titans could be a great fit.