Revisiting the Tennessee Titans’ 2020 Draft class two years later

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

The 2020 offseason has been a sore spot for Tennessee Titans fans and the draft had a lot to do with that.

Coming off of the incredible success of the Tennessee Titans’ 2019 NFL Draft class, the team was in a strange position. Could they even get close to that success in a year where interviews and in-person contact were so restricted by COVID?

With two seasons under the belts of these players, they’ve definitely left impressions on the team already. Some of them have turned heads and made plays and others left fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Let’s revisit the 2020 NFL Draft for the Tennessee Titans and let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way…

Round 1, Pick 29: Isaiah Wilson, OT, UGA

There really isn’t too much to say about this pick other than how bad of a bust he turned out to be, never played an offensive snap for the team, and was always in trouble.

Wilson looked very good coming out of college and blocked for DeAndre Swift who ended up being one of the most highly touted RBs in the class which really helped boost his draft stock. Wilson spent most of his offseason partying, and a year later, was being shipped off to Miami for a 7th-round pick.

Wilson still sits in free agency as of now, and he didn’t get a snap in training camp which is telling because nearly 3,000 players are on the preseason rosters collectively around the league, and no one wanted to roll the dice on him.

What did the Tennessee Titans do after this big mistake?

Round 2, Pick 61: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

Kristian Fulton didn’t play too much in his rookie year but he really started to bud into one of the best young players on this team last year.

His value is underrated by NFL fans and even some Tennessee Titans fans. He may not be a flashy player like Trevon Diggs who will rack up a lot of picks and have the mainstream media all over him but he will play lights-out coverage on any receiver you throw his way.

Fulton County Jail had a few inmates last year even between all of his injuries. Guys like D.K. Metcalf and Jaylen Waddle immediately stick out as players who were frustrated by their games against the second-year corner.

Round 3, Pick 93: Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian St.

Darrynton was a fan favorite among Titans fans, he interacted with the community and had a Twitch account where he streamed almost daily playing games with fans and doing giveaways.

Unfortunately, on the field, Evans couldn’t stay healthy and the most upsetting part was he looked really good when he played. If Evans could’ve had a fully healthy season there’s no telling what he could’ve done.

Maybe he would’ve formed a smash and dash duo with Derrick Henry like the good old days with Chris Johnson and Lendale White. But sadly all of those what-ifs will have to stay like that as Darrynton was waived this past offseason and signed a deal with the Chicago Bears.

Round 5, Pick 174: Larrell Murchison, DL, N.C. St.

Larrell so far has been a solid player, he doesn’t play too often but when he does it is not like he’s out there just taking up space. There’s a lot more room for improvement with Murch but he’s definitely serviceable enough to play regularly behind Teair Tart (an undrafted, but very talented player from this class) and Naquan Jones if he can beat out other talented linemen. A very solid pick for the Titans at this spot.

Round 7, Pick 224: Cole McDonald, QB, Hawaii

Cole was drafted in the 7th round by the Titans and had some impressive highlights in college but this pick really seemed like they didn’t want to reach and ended up taking someone just so it didn’t go to waste. McDonald didn’t even make it out of training camp before being cut, he then signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. He is currently a free agent.

Round 7, Pick 243: Chris Jackson, DB, Marshall

Jackson has been very serviceable so far in his career. Starting in a few games he hasn’t been horrible, he subbed in and out with Elijah Molden last year at nickel and didn’t get burned every time he was on the field, for a 7th round pick, the Titans knocked it out of the park here.