5 Tennessee Titans who have the most to prove in 2022

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Taylor Lewan (77) Tennessee Titans
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Taylor Lewan, LT

The last few years have been a rough go for the Titans’ veteran left tackle. He began the 2019 season with a four-game suspension, tore his ACL in 2020, and was plagued with injuries and inconsistency all throughout 2021.

At age 31, it is understandable to wonder if Lewan’s body can hold up anymore and if it is realistic to expect him to play a full season.

People have had questions about him off the field as well, as his involvement with Twitter and Bussin With The Boys have raised concerns that he is not fully focused on his football career. And although he has cleaned it up over the past few seasons, his personality has affected him on the field as well, with him taking unnecessary penalties and picking pointless fights with opposing players.

Even defenders of Lewan have to admit that it has been a bumpy stretch and to his credit, he apparently knows it, and he has suspended social media use for the duration of the 2022 season in order to give his full attention to his family and football career.

He cares and is well aware of the fact that if he does not have a good year, it is incredibly hard to imagine a scenario where the Tennessee Titans bring him back in 2023. After having one home for his entire NFL career, it has to be a strange realization that he might be one bad season away from this being his last training camp in Nashville.

With him eliminating all distractions, playing more disciplined, and being healthier than he has been in the past two years, Lewan could be the best he has been in quite a while. He has to prove to the team and himself that he is still a quality blindside blocker, and it will be especially needed with the questions the Titans have on their offensive line.