Watch: Tennessee Titans C Ben Jones celebrates Mike Vrabel’s birthday

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports /

There aren’t many people in the Tennessee Titans locker room (or possibly the world) who could get away with dumping baby powder on Mike Vrabel, but Ben Jones is one of the few that can.

Titans HC Mike Vrabel turned 47 on August 14th, and his status wasn’t enough to keep him safe from leader/prankster Ben Jones, and this year the whole thing was caught on camera.

As Vrabel was talking to fans in attendance of Sunday’s practice, Jones found a chance to sneak up behind him and catch him with a heavy dose of baby powder.

Normally something like this would have been hidden away from cameras or it would have happened too fast for anyone to get a video of the whole thing. Luckily, Ashley Farrell (the Tennessee Titans’ Broadcast and Digital Producer) was a true pro’s pro and managed to capture the prank (video below).

I believe the birthday prank of choice for Ben Jones is a whipped cream pie straight to the face of fellow players, but it seems like Jones couldn’t pass up seeing what Mike Vrabel would look like with stark white hair.

Watch Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel get doused in baby powder

One of the best writers in the game Teresa Walker teased Tennessee Titans fans with a tweet about what happened, and she eventually signal-boosted Farrell’s video:

Things are about to get a lot more intense with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set to visit Nashville for joint practice on Wednesday and Thursday before their preseason matchup on Saturday. It is nice to see that the pressure and exhaustion that usually comes with training camp isn’t hurting the team too much.

While the Tennessee Titans didn’t break the Baltimore Ravens’ preseason win streak, they had several highlights and learned what they needed to work on going forward. However, it is hard to really get a good feel for where the team is when there are only four or five starters on the field (on both sides of the ball combined).

The great thing about joint practices is that you are going to get a chance to see things that you won’t get to see in preseason games. Fans will get to see Ryan Tannehill throw to Treylon Burks, the young DBs get to play behind Jeffery Simmons and that vicious pass rush, and you might even get to see Derrick Henry throw a stiff arm or two.

There isn’t any game planning so don’t worry too much about the results as a whole, but the things that happen consistently (good or bad) are going to be more noteworthy than at any other point in training camp.

So, in the calm before that storm, it is nice to see the veteran and usually up-tight head coach getting a few laughs in.