The Tennessee Titans depth chart at QB is already clear

Malik Willis Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Malik Willis Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

Going into the offseason, there were questions about what the Tennessee Titans would do at the quarterback position.

Ryan Tannehill has been exceptional since joining the Titans roster and he has guided them to one of their best three-year stretches in franchise history.

Arthur Smith, Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, Jack Conklin, and Adam Humphries have all come and gone, and there have been long stretches where he has been without Derrick Henry, Taylor Lewan, and A.J. Brown. Despite all of those changes, the Titans have had a 30-13 record when Tannehill has been the starting QB.

Tannehill is the Tennessee Titans QB1 this year, and it wouldn’t shock me if he is the QB1 next year as well.

The big question is whether or not Malik Willis can grow into a quarterback that can challenge Tannehill for that top spot next, and right now that is unclear. Just to be clear, I think Willis is a great QB prospect provided that he has at least a year to sit on the bench and learn how to take snaps under center, call plays at the line of scrimmage, read coverages, and do all of the things that give rookie QBs trouble.


Sneak peek at the Tennessee Titans QB depth chart

…it would shock me if Willis is the QB2 this season.

I know that fans are excited about Willis and they should be, but right now he just isn’t showing anything that is going to help him win the QB2 battle over Logan Woodside.

In a perfect world, Willis continues to develop and he takes over the QB2 job right before the season starts so that the Titans don’t have to use three roster spots on the quarterback position. However, keeping three quarterbacks is almost an inevitability at this point.

Listen to Coach Mac (who has been at practices this year) talk about Malik Willis and his career trajectory.

I have also said in the past that this offense doesn’t fit what Malik Willis does well right now. He isn’t a methodical passer, he is someone who can torch a defense with the deep ball or with his legs when the defense gets too conservative and tries to make sure that they are preventing the deep ball.

Instead, this is an offense that wants to suck linebackers close to the line of scrimmage, and then throw to the vacated areas of the field when they make a mistake. Since the Titans don’t have any proven burners at receiver right now, it would be difficult for Willis to run this offense as is.

Tennessee Titans fans should be very excited about what Malik Willis can be and his development could be franchise-altering for this team. Until that development has clearly taken place, the top job is Ryan Tannehill’s, and the reliable (but unspectacular) Logan Woodside is going to be the QB2.