How to win with the Tennessee Titans in Madden 23

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

As a human, I was never promised that life would be fair, and that is a lesson that Madden has continued to teach Tennessee Titans fans for the last 20 years.

A great example of a lack of fairness in life is Bud Dupree being a mere “74on the latest version of Madden. Despite an in-depth look showing that Dupree was actually very good for the Tennessee Titans last year, a quick look at the box score explains why Madden decided not to put in the effort to watch the EDGE.

Instead of getting bogged down in every individual ranking, I am going to talk about a few that stand out and what Tennessee Titans fans can expect if they are trying to win with their favorite team.

The first question that comes to mind when looking at the Titans’ ratings on any rendition of Madden is “how much will the new guys help us?”

Much like real life, gamer nation wants to see their team improve with every update. Especially the Tennessee Titans fans who are “quick game online” players that have grown accustomed to the team having a low-to-mid 80s rating year after year.

Will this year give us more of the same despite the team going 12-5 with a #1 seed and division crown?

Notable Tennessee Titans Madden Ratings

Bobby Trees (86): With a speed of 90 and an acceleration of 87, he won’t be a game breaker but you can trust him in the intermediate game as a possession guy with 94 awareness and 90 catch abilities.

Austin Hooper (79): With speed, awareness, and catch ability all slotted at 80, Hoop has good size but no extra value to offer in gameplay. Together, Woods and Hooper should soften the blow from the losses of AJ and Firk while not being the reason for an L on the sticks but not much else.

Zach Cunningham (78): As a midseason acquisition last year, Zach makes this list because his speed is down to an 82 which is critical in linebacker play. Solid but not able to cover ground like Jayon Brown or Rashaan Evans. This can be an issue in user gameplay.

Treylon Burks (73): As the 2nd best WR on the team, his overall and speed (89) are subpar. It means the Titans lack dynamic and any user will need to initiate and maintain Derrick Henry’s X-Factor status all game to stand a chance.

Roger McCreary (72): His speed is only 89 and his awareness is 71, which aren’t going to show up on tape but it is always a bad idea to expect Madden to correctly rank rookies.

Chigoziem Okonkwo (65): The only sub-70 player in this analysis is here because he could be a difference maker in gameplay. As a TE, he has an 88 speed with 85 jumping ability and 77 catch in traffic ratings. This information will help a top-notch Titans user somewhere.

Jeffery Simmons (88): Big Jeff is still underrated, but at least he is garnering national respect as the anchor of that front seven. Look for him to eclipse the 90 threshold in the season’s first half.

Amani Hooker (81): Hooker and Byard are rated high enough that you shouldn’t have to worry too much about passes getting thrown over their head, and they should consistently help you turn the ball over.

Derrick Henry (97) has a 93 speed and leads the NFL RBs in overall rating, so expect him to continue to be a big portion of your offense.

Kevin Byard (92) leads the defense though it can be said that his 89 speed rating is a touch low.

Ryan Tannehill (83) still remains a tick above average and is playable, for those of us concerned about how last year’s playoff lapse might affect his ratings. With a short throw accuracy of 94, Woods, Burks, Okonkwo, and Henry, a dink/dunk/run offense is optimal, especially if you use his legs to force linebackers to make quick decisions.

Analyzing the Tennessee Titans’ ratings should let us know that the team is playable in Madden 23, but user defense has to excel and user offense must remain patient. With an overall of 82, it might be considered wise to find an elite team to roll with until ratings increase in season. You have to avoid Titans vs. anybody with elite playmakers because Madden is a game of ratings and matchups.