Madden appreciates the greatness of Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

Tennessee Titans star running back Derrick Henry will be the top-rated running back in the upcoming Madden 23 video game.

It’s the first time the Titans star has received the distinction from the renowned video game, and while some ratings are up for debate, this is one that should have been easy.

Ratings for the new game, which is set to release next month, have been released piece-by-piece over the last week, and the running backs were ranked last Wednesday. Derrick Henry topped the list with a 97 overall.

Henry comes in just ahead of Cleveland Browns back Nick Chubb and Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers, both of which were rated 96. Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor was behind all three with a 95 overall.

With Derrick Henry missing most of last season, Taylor managed to lead the league in rushing last season, but the running back that Henry had to dethrone was McCaffrey who had been the top back in the last two versions of Madden.

Dalvin Cook (94), Joe Mixon (93), Alvin Kamara (90), Aaron Jones (89), Austin Ekeler (88), and Ezekiel Elliott (88) round out the top 10 running backs in the upcoming game.

While guys like Jonathan Taylor have been the focus of a lot of talk going into the season, and understandably so due to a strong season last year, Henry was on pace for another 2,000-yard campaign last season before his mid-season injury.

There are still some questions about what Henry will look like returning to a full workload from that injury, especially since he had some struggles in the playoff game. The Tennessee Titans running back position looks deeper than it has in a long time, so his workload could be lessened this year, but it seems like the rating gurus at Madden seem to have a strong belief that Henry will return to dominance.

Whether or not you were happy with the rankings that the rest of the Tennessee Titans players received, it has to be encouraging to see Henry so high on this list. Hopefully, he lives up to that rating and comes back as the potential Hall of Famer that he was before the 2021 season.