Tennessee Titans view Dillon Radunz as a right tackle

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

There are two positions open on the Tennessee Titans offensive line, and for months the clear frontrunner for right tackle should have been Dillon Radunz.

Despite the second-year tackle looking the part, testing like a great tackle prospect, and looking very promising in his single start of the 2021 season, people haven’t been as high on Radunz as they should have been.

Like with nearly every offensive lineman that the Titans have drafted, Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel commented on his versatility and that he could play tackle or guard at the next level. After moving around some throughout the preseason and the season, it was clear that Radunz was a better tackle than guard.

To further solidify the idea that Radunz is penciled in as the team’s right tackle, look back to when the Titans signed Jamarco Jones. Vrabel said that he was brought in to compete at left guard meaning that the only tackles on the roster at that point were Taylor Lewan and Dillon Radunz.

Eventually, the Titans drafted Nicholas Petit-Frere, but they weren’t concerned enough about offensive tackle to spend a first or second-round pick on the position or to spend money on one in free agency. Why? Because they knew they already had their likely starters.

The Tennessee Titans have their right tackle

The Tennessee Titans are all about competition so there will definitely be a competition for the open tackle spot.

The aforementioned NPF and Radunz will both get a chance to fight for the spot, but even if NPF wins the starting job I don’t think there is a world where the Titans play Radunz as a guard by choice.

If I had to guess, I think Keith Carter probably wants Aaron Brewer to win the left guard job due to his familiarity with Brewer and what he has done in the past when his name was called. On the other hand, I think Mike Vrabel wants Jamarco Jones to win because he has a relationship with Jones and his family going back to college.

Either way, the only way that Radunz wins the guard job is if NPF is so good as a rookie that they have to get him on the field and Radunz gets a late move to guard where he is then so much better than the other two options that he wins that job.

You can jump through hoops to make it work, but on paper and based on what we know about all of the players the offensive line questions and answers are pretty clear for the next two years. From left to right it should look like this:

2022: Taylor Lewan, Aaron Brewer/Jamarco Jones, Ben Jones, Nate Davis, Dillon Radunz

2023: Dillon Radunz, Aaron Brewer/Jamarco Jones, Ben Jones, Nate Davis, NPF

Maybe the Titans re-sign Lewan, maybe Ben Jones retires, or maybe the Titans let Nate Davis walk in free agency, but for the most part, this is the path that makes the most sense.

In every scenario, the one constant is that Dillon Radunz should be a tackle, and ideally, he would get his start on the right side this year while they figure out the best way to use NPF down the line.

Although, this probably just means that we are doomed to repeat this saga with NPF taking the place of Radunz next year until sanity prevails.