Tennessee Titans fans need to stop worrying about Treylon Burks

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: The Tennessean) /

May is wrapping up and Tennessee Titans fans are spending too much time worrying about Treylon Burks when they should be excited about the rookie receiver.

The team’s OTAs have been broken up into three “bursts” or practices. We have already passed the first (May 23-24 and 26) and there are only two more left (May 31-June 2 and June 6-9).

After that, the Tennessee Titans will have mandatory minicamp from June 14-16 and then it will be radio silence from the team for about six weeks until training camp (mercifully) arrives.

All of that is important to remember because everyone needs to have the right perspective about what we are seeing right now. Guys are running around in yellow, non-contact jerseys and they are working on their fundamentals.

While there is some install going on, it isn’t anything that needs to be crisp yet because the team isn’t even practicing with players like Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, Jeffery Simmons, etc. Right now it is just about building chemistry and finding out where the current players on the roster can fit in when the stars arrive and putting them in a position to thrive.

That is why Tennessee Titans fans need to focus on the positives and not the negatives of these practices, specifically with Treylon Burks.

Tennessee Titans fans should be high on Treylon Burks

Obviously, it isn’t ideal that Burks has had to go in and out of practice twice so far in the portions of practice that have been open to the media. Still, Mike Vrabel hasn’t seen worried or aggravated about it at all and he isn’t someone who treats anyone with kid gloves whether they are rookies or future Hall of Famers.

People that are at every practice every day (even the ones not open to the media), seem to appreciate what he is doing, just ask Taylor Lewan:

Now, one highlight clip from an OTA isn’t supposed to convince you that he is perfectly healthy and conditioned. The point of that is to show that the Titans are letting a rookie practice with the first-team offense when historically they have had guys like A.J. Brown practice with the second-team offense for a while until they proved themselves.

If Mike Vrabel thought that Burks wasn’t taking his job seriously then he would absolutely have him working with Logan Woodside and the second-team offense. Meanwhile, guys like Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Dez Fitzpatrick, Mason Kinsey, and Racey McMath would be taking first-team reps instead simply because of seniority.

So, he isn’t in Mike Vrabel’s dog house and that tells you a lot about what he is doing behind closed doors.

The other concern that Tennessee Titans fans have any time that anyone isn’t in the best shape of their life, is whether or not they are going to be the next Isaiah Wilson.

Wilson was a mistake in a draft where the Titans were picking near the bottom of the first round and all of the players that they wanted were off the board. They knew it was too early to draft a cornerback because of how the board had fallen and they needed a big body to replace Jack Conklin.

In a year where no one was able to do their normal amount of background research, the Titans reached on a player that fit what they wanted physically, and none of the players that went after him really filled positions of need for the Titans. He was a reach at the time and it was a mistake to draft him.

Burks is different. He is someone that Aaron Rodgers wanted the Green Bay Packers to trade up to get. Every draft analyst worth his salt had Burks graded as a first-round prospect and people like Lance Zierlein had him graded as his top receiver and one of the top-10 players in this draft class.

This is a guy who was universally loved and praised for his work ethic and toughness with monster performances against the best teams in the country.

Let’s just enjoy the positives and not spend too much time worrying about how many times he had to go inside to use the bathroom or hit his inhaler.