Tim Kelly is the key to long term success for Malik Willis

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How can Kelly bring out the best in Willis?

The major point here is that Malik Willis will not play in 2022, unless due to foreseeable circumstances or in certain packages like Lamar Jackson in his rookie season.

Kelly is going to get Willis to understand that while his arm is his greatest strength, his decision-making and ball placement are crucial to his success. It’s also important that Kelly teaches Willis how to properly read a defense while in shotgun or under center.

The ability to call audibles, make better-executed throws, and anticipate his reads must be mastered in order to be the difference-maker he could potentially be. A problem Willis had in college was that he consistently had to adlib a play because of bad protection so he rarely had time to make reads or go through progressions which is a big reason why he looked inconsistent at times in games.

On the bright side, the situation Malik Willis comes into doesn’t force him to be “the man” just yet. Ryan Tannehill will be the starter for 2022 and that’s the right decision for now. This is where Tim Kelly will get to work molding Willis into a more efficient and accurate quarterback. Kelly showed the same with Watson and Mills. He understood what their strengths were and while he tuned the fundamental aspects of their game, he also encouraged them to use their natural abilities to make game-changing plays while using the proper technics.

This is the plan for Malik Willis. The film room and his playbook are where his focus must be to start off on the right foot. With time, practice, hard work, and the watchful eye and teachings of Kelly, Malik Willis could show all 31 teams that passing on him was a grave mistake.