3 post-draft free agents that the Tennessee Titans should sign

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2. Jarvis Landry, WR

It looked like Jarvis Landry was going to be a target for the New Orleans Saints once the NFL Draft was over, but after trading for Chris Olave it isn’t clear how Landry would fit in with Olave, Michael Thomas, and Marquez Callaway.

If he isn’t a fit there, he would be a good fit in Tennessee.

A lot is made about the difference between slot receivers and boundary receivers, and there is a distinction that needs to be mentioned. So the natural question is whether or not a slot receiver like Landry would be a fit in the Titans’ offense now that they have Robert Woods, Treylon Burks, and Kyle Philips who have played a lot of snaps in the slot in the past.

The truth is, the Titans really haven’t focused too much on that differentiation in the past and Landry often gets miscast as a slot receiver when he moves around more than he gets credit for. Over the last two years, Landry has played about 55% of his snaps in the slot and 45% of them on the boundary.

Jarvis Landry had a quote mildly criticizing Ryan Tannehill a few years ago despite the fact that he had his second and third most productive season as a pro with Tannehill. Since then he has paid for that by being forced to play football with Baker Mayfield, so he is probably ready to walk back anything he thought about Tannehill when he was younger.

Either way, Landry has to be realizing that beggars can’t be choosers and there are worse places to be than Nashville where the Titans are likely to repeat as AFC South Champions for the third year in a row.